Surf Candies



This is a well tried and tested pattern that has extra appeal with life like natural colouring and flash. Tied on Mustards "Signature" series S71SN stainless steel, all round O'Shaunnassy hooks. These are some of the best sand eel imitations available. these flies we know are winners, taking everything from salmon and bass to tuna. Every saltwater fly fisherman should try some.


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Length 125/130mm (5") Size 1/0 Mustad's Signature S71SN Sharp

Price 1.95      Size 1       Buy Now! 




Ocean Slim Surf

Length 125/130mm (5") Size 1/0  Mustad's Signature S71SN

Price 1.85       Size 1       Buy Now! 

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Sandeel and other Eel patterns

When the bait fish and sand eels are abundant the Lance and mackerel are not far away. They are a extremely important source of food for saltwater predators, which frequent the Atlantic and Channel. Whales to mackerel and bass love to gorge on sand eels!  



Sandeel Chartreuse or Olive

Chartreuse- Size 2 length 120mm

1.30      Chartreuse  Size 2        Buy Now! 

1.30      Olive              Size 2        Buy Now! 




Sandeel Pink

Pink - Size 2  length 120mm 

Price 1.30       Size 2        Buy Now! 




Sandeel Grey

Grey - Size 1/0 length 120mm

Price 1.30        Size 1/0        Buy Now! 




Ocean Sandeel

Ocean Eel - Size 2/0 length 140mm A good fly for early season Sea trout, especially in Ireland in the sea and estuaries.

Price 1.30        Size 2/0        Buy Now! 




Ocean Headed Eel

Ocean Headed Eel - Size 2/0 length 105mm, also worth a try for Sea Trout

Price 1.30        Size 2/0        Buy Now! 




Ocean Eel

Ocean Rogue Eel - Size 3/0 length 190mm

Price 1.60         Size 3/0        Buy Now! 




Ocean Rogue Eel

Ocean Large Rogue Eel - Size 3/0 length 145mm

Price 1.60          Size 3/0        Buy Now! 

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