Materials for saltwater flies

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Specialist Saltwater Bucktail long hair of 170 mm in length. 5.20 each contact us for details, many colours available. The best Bucktail on the market today.




Buck Tail - Whole

Bucktail is used as the standard wing or body material for large Streamers, Clousers, Bangers, Salmon and other patterns of Saltwater flies ( even pike spinners).

The tails are UK sourced, some may originate from the US and have been expertly tanned and dyed.

Medium to Coarse hair of 100 - 123 mm length

Price 4.80 Each      

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Holographic Tape     

12mm wide scale patterned adhesive backed holographic fish scaled pattern tape in silver and chartreuse. Ideal for bangers and other flies as well as plugs and lures, gives them extra flash.  

Price 1.95 per metre      

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Metal Barrel and Bead Chain Eyes          

The barrel eyes were designed for saltwater flies such as clousers, but can be used for streamers. The bead chain eyes can be used for small (sparse) clousers as well as nymphs

Barrel eyes Silver or Black 4mm           Price 2.20 for 25       

               Black 4mm          Buy Now             Silver 4mm          Buy Now

           Silver 2.5mm     1.80 for 25           Buy Now 



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