Bonefish rod (9ft 4 pc 8wt) is Ideal for general UK K species with small to average size flies and tropical fishing for bonefish etc.  280.00

Fly Rod for fish up to 50lb and over 50lb

9ft 4pc 9/10wt for when conditions are tough, big flies and stronger winds and you need to punch that fly out. Should cope well when fishing of the rocks for Pollack as they try to dive down into the kelp, they will test any rod! Should handle just about anything you can hook in the tropical paradises.

For those more adventurous fly anglers seeking the ultimate fly caught fish then there is a 9ft 4 pc13/14 wt rod  

280.00 each size

Carriage is 15 per rod via carrier.






Bloke Rods for UK or Tropical SWFF

The demands of a saltwater environment coupled with the awesome power of the species concerned presents a huge challenge in rod design. The principle requirements for a good saltwater rod are rugged design, fast action and enough power in the butt section to be able to control the fish. There is absolutely no point in using a rod stiff enough to control a big fish but with the casting action of a broomstick handle. To overcome the problem our saltwater rods are manufactured from three different strains of graphite producing a blank capable of casting long lines and large flies but with stiffer butt sections adding power when fighting fish.

Each rod is fitted with oversize snake rings to allow for good line control and aluminium reel seats.





























To Buy rods, email richard@ or phone 01306 885906 for availability.