Fly fishing With a Pinch of Salt

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An introduction to saltwater fly  fishing in the UK

Featuring  Mike Ladle and Geoff Hancock  

Purbeck Productions.    Copyright 2004       75 mins. approx.    

Saltwater fly fishing is arguably the fastest growing branch of angling in Britain today. The sport provided by bass and other species such as mullet, scad mackerel, pollack, and garfish, has to be experienced to be believed and it is not unusual to land twenty or thirty hard-fighting fish in a short session.  

This film shows how, to tie flies, when and where to fish, and setting up the tackle.  There is plenty of the action with lots of good fish, played and landed on fly tackle, from estuaries, tidal rips, pounding surf and rugged rocks from some of the UK's most picturesque shoreline. Sea anglers, Game anglers, beginners and experts alike, can benefit from the combined knowledge of three of the country’s most experienced and successful exponents of fly fishing the salt.                  

Dr. Mike Ladle – who pioneered fly-fishing for the hard fighting grey mullet in the early 70’s. Mike (co-author of ‘Hooked on Bass’) has caught literally thousands of bass and mullet on the fly, as well as many other species, during the past 30 or more years.

Geoff Hancock - fishes only in saltwater with fly tackle.  An expert fly-fisherman, he has gained a wealth of experience in the USA and, when fishing in home waters, specialises in fly-casting for bass, using his own innovative versions of classic baitfish patterns. Geoff gives tips on tackle, equipment, casting techniques and how to tie and fish his favourite lures.

Steve Pitts - who is a very experienced all-round angler and has produced several other groundbreaking films on fishing for bass, mullet, pike and  lure fishing. Steve is passionate about sport-fish conservation and has represented B.A.S.S, during his spare time, for the past several years.





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