Saltwater Fly Fishing Trip Ė Thereís So Much More To It Than Just Fishing!

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The early morning drive across north Norfolk is always an absolute pleasure: the mist in the hollows and the light as dawn breaks over the sea on the horizon is a sight that never fails to fill you with awe and wonder.


As you motor through the villages, where the day has yet to start for most of the inhabitants, down the narrow roads leading to the coast, the wildlife simply abounds:

the rabbits on the verges pay little attention to you and the pheasants and partridges barely bat an eyelid as your noisy car roars by. Itís not uncommon either to spot an impressive Marsh Harrier gliding over the fields in search of some suitable morsel to feed her hungry young.

So what has all this got to do with saltwater fly fishing you may well ask? Well actually a great deal!  You see fishing is not all about catching fish; thatís just part of it. Indeed, the memories of the day are far more than that.

Itís all about the journey we take from travelling to the chosen spot in the early morning  right through to the glass of ale in the pub with your fellow anglers at the end of a great dayís fishing on the open sea, donít you agree?
























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