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Oceanflies came about for a number of reasons:- 

  1. When I first started saltwater fly fishing there was no information that was relevant to the UK. You had to search for American sites, books, flies etc and then try and adapt it to your situation. This was better than nothing but it wasnít enough.
  2. The Same applied to the flies available. They were either to big, to heavy, wrong colours. Again they were ok but not designed with European bass in mind.
  3. I started to tie my own flies up in colours, lengths, weights and sizes that would suit the typically smaller European bass. A 4lb bass on fly is a reasonable fish within the UK. If you caught a striped bass that size in the USA, no one would even mention it. In fact the Americans donít really get excited about any under 10lbs caught on fly.

It was about time some one catered for the UK market. It seems we get overlooked by many companies as, to little interest to be profitable. Oceanflies is not just about flies, sure we sell them, but the website is dedicated to UK saltwater fly fishing. With links to tide tables, guided services, articles, reports etc.

We hope to look further into Europe, but this will have to be limited at present until we can translate the information received, but we hope to cross this barrier, help support us, so that we can support you.


Steve Binckes


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Last modified: April 03, 2010